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Ride Designs- Custom AccuSoft Cushion


The Ride Custom AccuSoft Cushion offers the same accurate fit as the Ride Custom 2 Cushion — with a softer, more forgiving, sitting surface. The cushion is made specifically to match each individual's unique shape. Well-suited for the traditional custom seating user, the Custom AccuSoft has unique features that also make it a great match for growing users. The Custom AccuSoft Cushion is most effective when coupled with a Ride® back to aid in postural support.

Soft and even softer
Soft and even softer

Two soft foam options make this a perfect choice for users who need a more forgiving sitting surface. Choose from soft or extra soft.

Contour choices
Contour choices

It is important to note that the Custom AccuSoft is not a fully off-loading cushion.*

Two contour options are offered:

1) Ride Contour, made with Ride's patented mechanism of support which reduces forces at high risk areas and provides slightly greater forces at low risk areas, and

2) Full Contact manufactured as captured.

Extra support
Extra support

Optional reinforced lateral thigh supports boost structural integrity while using forgiving materials that help reduce the risk of injury to skin and soft tissue.

Easy care cover options
Easy care cover options

Just like the firmer Ride Custom 2 Cushion, the breathable spacer fabric material promotes airflow to help keep the sitter dry and comfortable. The AccuSoft cushion comes with an inner incontinent-proof liner. For ease of care, an optional wipeable outer incontinent-proof cover is also available.


All cover options allow access to the cushion for in-field modifications.

*For the ultimate in skin care, stability, and performance, consider the Ride Custom 2 Cushion.

Two ordering options
Two ordering options

1) Capture a shape using Ride's bead bag and vacuum tools, scan it with a state of the art 3D digital scanner, then submit the scan, order form and photos through our secure, encrypted RideWorks app.

2) Use a sample Java Cushion from your inventory to specify an AccuSoft Cushion from a trial evaluation, adjustment, and measurements.


Virtually any width


Virtually any depth


Varies depending on size

18x16 AccuSoft cushion weighs 3.55 lbs

Weight Capacity

250 lbs (113kg) for cushions 20” (51cm) wide or narrower;

300 lbs (136kg) for 21” (53cm) or wider

Outer Cover Construction (Outer surface that contacts skin)

Spacer Fabric Cover: Polyester spacer fabric;

Breathable spandex and two-layer spacer fabric optional

Optional Outer Incontinent-proof cover:  Wipeable polyester fabric with polyurethane coating


Some colors may be an additional cost. Please refer to order forms for product specifc pricing and availability